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January 8, 2012


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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 7:34 PM

Soo in the next few weeks or so, I'm going to try and raise my grades in school. I currently have A's, but my parents want me to be "the top 3 students" soo that's what I'll have to be doing.

In the meantime, there won't be much art posted becausee I'll probably be doing schoolwork until like.. 4-7pm, eat dinner, wash, then sleep sajdklaeas no life;

theen to keep you guys entertained (atleast), i'll just do a mini contest c:

:star:The deadline will be 2/1/12~:star:

Just draw… , show the picture to me, and your contest entry will be added >w<  

Tips: Shhh! You'll have a better chance at winning if you add some of the things she likes in your picture >w>

1. You may not steal someone else's art/idea, may not use bases, or may not trace!:noes:
2. You have to use my character, Eclaire. If you use any other characters, or even yours, you won't have a high chance in winning >A<;
3. No. Violent. Drawings. Please.
4. Be a good sport and don't get offended if you don't win; there's always next time~:heart:

:star:Things I'll be looking for: :star:
1. How creative your picture is~ It won't matter if you're a beginner at drawing: as long as it's creative, you have a chance! :meow:

2. CORRECT COLORS AND DESIGN! If you get any of her design or colors wrong, I won't like it >n<  

Here's the fun part..
:star:Prizes~! :D:star:

:star::heart::star:~1st Place~:star::heart::star:
:bulletblue: 100:points:
:bulletblue: Couple full colored drawing + Basic BG or 1 chibi + transparent BG
:bulletblue: 1 character full colored drawing + Complex BG
:bulletpink:Optional: Non-animated dA icon

:star::heart:~2nd Place~:heart::star:
:bulletgreen: 50:points:
:bulletgreen: 1 character full colored drawing + Basic BG  
:bulletgreen: 1 chibi + transparent BG

:star:~3rd Place~:star:
:bulletpurple: 40:points:
:bulletpurple: 1 character full colored drawing + transparent BG

:star:Questions? Please ask~!:star:
If you have any questions, just ask~ >U< Oh, and don't forget to have fun~! :squee:

Q: How many times can I enter?
A: As much as you want~ >w<


Okay, so now for people I owe stuff to:

:bulletblack: :iconpoisonthekitty: - I'm still in the process of coloring and shading your picture >w<;

:bulletblack: :iconplchu: - Your commission will probablyyy be done by the end of the week :meow:

:bulletblack: I'm still working on gifts >A<;

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*looks Over at time* I ONLY HAVE LIKE.

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may i enter?please
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you dont need to ask~ >w<
enter as much as you want~
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